Sunday, April 17, 2016

The True Cost

The True Cost is an eye opening documentary on the fashion industry. If you haven't seen The True Cost yet, it is available to watch on instant play on Netlfix and I highly recommend watching it.

The documentary made a lot of good points, however, I feel like one thing was left undiscussed: why do we need more, more, more?


When we look in places other than the Lord to satisfy our hearts' desires, we will never be content and satisfied. Satan tells us, that we're unhappy because we need more. He tells us that the deep hole in our heart, is there because we just don't have enough stuff, power, pleasure etc. The truth of the matter, however, is that only God can can fill that hole. No amount of stuff, could ever satisfy if we don't first look to the Lord to fill that hole. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we won't feel like we need all of that stuff anymore, our hearts will be satisfied in the Lord.

I know some people are concerned that if they don't buy from sweatshops, numerous people in third world countries will be without jobs.

If we all bought from fair trade companies who treat people with human dignity, then those companies will grow and more jobs will open up. While the sweatshops would have to close, if there is no demand for their clothes.

We have to be mindful of how our purchases and actions are effecting people. Even though we can't directly see it, where we buy our clothes can have tremendous impacts on the people making the clothes, growing the cotton, weaving, dyeing or embroidering the fabric.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said, "Peace begins in the home." We need to teach our children to be aware of how our actions are effecting people. We are all in this together, we are all parts of the body of Christ. We are all needed and we all need to treat each other as such.

Monday, April 11, 2016

It was all for You!

How could the people shout "Crucify Him!" How could the guards scourge, crown, mock and crucify my Savior? How could they? Wait a second... How could I? Was the question I started asking myself. Even though I wasn't physically there two thousand years ago at my Saviors death; with my actions, intentions, thoughts and sins, I have screamed, "Crucify Him!"

My heart almost broke when I had this revelation. How could I have done this to you? The thought of all my past, present and future sins Crucifying my Savior, was beyond overwhelming.

But then I heard the Lord speak to my heart, He said, "It was all for you and you are worth it!"