Thursday, May 19, 2016

Enjoy the Journey

"Some enjoy beauty along the way, others only enjoy beauty at the destination." 

I have been the person who only "enjoys" beauty at the destination. Here is what I found: I was never able to actually enjoy the beauty when I arrived at my destination. I would get stuck living in the future. When I finally reached my destination, I didn't know how to live in the present. I would have all of these unrealistic expectations for my destination, so when I arrived, my destination was disappointing and depressing. I was confused, everything was supposed to be perfect. I was supposed to relax, let go of stress, feel good, be myself, the list of all the things I would be was endless. 

To help me live in the present, I asked God to help me acknowledge and be aware of the beauty that I am surrounded by and help me to fully appreciate it. I've found by doing little things to live more in the present makes a big difference. For example, waiting until we are done singing the "Holy" in Mass to put the kneeler down. Little things such as this, help me live in the moment now, but also when I get to my destination. 

God Bless and Happy Feast Day of Maria Bernarda! 
Megan Marie

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