Tuesday, June 7, 2016

You Are Beautiful!


"If you don't believe God thinks you're beautiful, you'll never believe it when a guy tells you you're beautiful."

One of my biggest struggles is thinking a guy will solve my problems. That a guy will satisfy my hearts deepest desires. The temptation of looking to guys for validation, purpose and fulfillment is something I struggle with and I'm sure most of you can relate. 

The reality is that the more we look to guys to satisfy us, the more empty and discontent we will be. The enemy's lies are deceiving, we must take extreme precaution discerning what is truth from God and what is a lie from satan. 

Contrary to what society tells us, God is the only one who can fulfill us, and it is crucial that we look to God for our joy, our purpose, and our worth. 

God Bless ladies! 


  1. Wow! Such a great post. Your blog is very inspiring. Keep up the amazing work. God Bless!