Thursday, July 28, 2016

You Are Captivating

Underneath all that makeup, forced smile and personality that isn't truly your own, is something beautiful, treasured, captivating and desired.

When you are hurt you have a choice, you can lay the pain before God and let Him help you, heal you, hold you, comfort you and treasure you. Or you can believe the lie that you just aren't enough and it is all your fault. You can cover up who God made you with an insincere smile, dyed hair, layers of makeup, just hoping people will see past your "flaws"; worrying that if they knew who you really are, you'd be disdained.

Covering up the pain and hiding who you are is only going to bring devestation to your heart. 

Turning to God in vulnerability is scary, I know! How many times have you trusted someone and they let you down? Too many. But God won't let you down. He weeps when you burry yourself, hiding and ashamed of who He made you. He knows you better than anyone. He loves you like no other and He has already showed you a deeper love than you could ever dream of. 

All you have to do is bring your broken heart before God. Despite what the world tells us, it is the most beautiful and brave thing you can do. Exposing your wounds and uncovering your unique beauty that you have spent so long trying to hide and destroy takes a great amount of courage, but you are strong enough

You know when you see a woman who has the ideal figure with perfect skin, long blonde hair and the sexiest clothes. Feeling jealous of her outward beauty, feeling insecure and comparing yourself to her. But when she opens her mouth and you hear the cold, lifeless and cruel words coming from her lips. All of the sudden she doesn't look very pretty anymore. 

When you see a woman who doesn't have flawless skin or the cutest clothes or perfect figure, but speaks words of life and love. Her smile is infectious, her joy is contagious and she sincerely cares. Her heart is beautiful and suddenly you don't even see her "flaws". 

Which woman would you rather be? 

We are much too critical of ourselves. We have to remember you will never look into a persons eyes which God does not love and that includes you.

I was challenged to look in the mirror for two minutes every day and look at myself the way God sees me. This was so painful and was almost unbearable. So I put my own twist on it. When I would lay down at night, I would ask God to help me prepare my heart for what He is going to teach me next. Slowly God began showing me how much He loves me. Now I'm able to look at myself in the mirror without being completely disappointed and repulsed by what my reflection shows. I know now that my reflection only shows my physical appearance. My reflection doesn't show the condition of my heart and that is what matters. When I look to God and delight in Him, suddenly my reflection isn't so important. 

Ladies, God made each and every one of you beautiful and I pray that you can see that. 

God Bless! 
Megan Marie

P.S. You are enough. 

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