Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trusting God

I recently went to the Oregon coast and as I was walking on the beach, I was in total awe; it was so beautiful and warm, I think I might have to move. Just kidding... but not really! 

am so thankful I had the opportunity to take a quick trip before I start my freshman year of College next week! I didn't realize how stressed out I was (and I haven't even started school yet) until I was able to do an electronic detox and just take a break from work and the stress of everyday life. 

As I was walking on the beach, there wasn't anybody near by; if you know me, you'd know I would gladly jump on the opportunity to sing. I was singing about how grateful my heart was that God gave me the opportunity to de-stress. He knew I needed it. I started looking back on my life and thinking of all the ways God has worked in my life that I couldn't see at the time, but now understood. Then I started thinking about all the ways He's worked and is working in my life now that I have failed to notice.

I imagined the day when I finally meet God face to face. I imagined Him saying to me, "You made it!" His eyes filling with tears. Running to Him, He embraces me. He leads me by the hand and He shows me a timeline of my life. "Over here, you felt abandoned and alone, you cried out and I heard you. I was there with you, as much as it broke my heart to see you in so much pain, this over here is what would have happened had not you gone through this. I know it was hard, but look how strong you became! Because you dealt with this, you had so much sympathy for these people here and look how you allowed me to use you to touch their hearts. Back here, your heart shattered to pieces; I had to take away all of your worldly comforts because you needed to find comfort in me." He goes on for hours explaining and answering so many questions. 

God is working in every situation, even when you can't see it.

In the difficult situations, I really want to encourage you to remember that one day the pain will cease. In the moments you wish could last forever, remember that one day they will be unending. 

Megan Marie

P.S. Please pray for me as I start college next week, I'm super nervous!
P.P.S. Elizabeth, this one is for you! 

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