Sunday, September 4, 2016

Little Update

So as most of you know I just completed my first week of college. I was so nervous. I have been homeschooled K-12 which means I have never been in a classroom up until now. Thankfully and to my surprise everyone was really nice and helpful.

Change is still really hard for me though. After my second day I came home and cried because I felt so overwhelmed with all of the new people, places and experiences. Adjustment is just really hard for me, but I think this is a good change. Your prayers are so greatly appreciated as I step into the unknown here, trusting God and His plan.

On a different note, I had the opportunity to perform at the Alaska State Fair last night. I had such a great time. Life can be so stressful and overwhelming, but one thing I realized a couple days ago is that the Lord has blessed me with some incredible people who sincerely care about me.

I have been ballroom dancing for three years now and my older brother, who I love so dearly, was just being his goofy self. He is always joking around and despite some of the things he has been though, he is one of the nicest and most loving guys I know. I don't even remember what he was doing, but my heart was so happy that he is who he is and wasn't afraid to be who God made him to be. I started looking around the room and noticed that about everyone there.

I realized the same about myself too. That I could come to class just the way I am and know that people wouldn't expect me to change and people would delight in me being me and I in them. The sincerity and the kindness of everyone on the dance team is really beautiful. I love to dance, but it is the people that make dancing so incredible.

It took me three years before I saw this. I challenge you to look at your life, no matter how you may feel and look for someone, place or thing that the Lord has blessed you with/by that you took for granted or simply didn't notice and don't forget to tell Him thank you. ;)

I love you all so much and you are all in my prayers.

Meg Marie

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